What is a Falcon-Backed Financial Security?

The Falcon-Backed Security is an innovation to the millennia-old partnership between man and falcon. Through FBS, investors and falconers alike can own an interest of a variety of instruments, in addition to the physical bird itself. FBS can take the form of direct ownership in whole or in part, a derivative designed to track the rise or fall of a generalized pool of falcons, or the new synthetic falcon derivative and fractional interest traunches, which represent fractional interests in specific birds which are repackaged as securities. Such instruments can be used to hedge or distribute risk, speculate in the exciting field of falconry, or harvest losses, structurally redistribute gains, and engage in tax or regulatory arbitrage. The kinds of instruments, and uses for them, is as infinite as the steppe sky.

Large institutions can hedge risk in their falcon profile by investing in hundreds, even thousands of trained Arabian hunting falcons. Why shouldn’t the retail investor? Presenting the Securitized Falcon: AAA grade traunches. Thousands of birds. Peace of mind.