falCoin: Bird Based crypto powered with Flockchain Technology

falCoin: a revolution in crypto-currency technology, the world’s very first bird-based crypto. Secured by proprietary flock-chain technology, investors and speculators can sit back, unplug their mining rigs, and let the falcons do proof of work. Better yet, ​it’s carbon neutral!

What can falCoin be used for? A more expansive, out-of-the-box approach starts with a harder question: “Just what *can’t* it be used for?” falCoin can replace credit cards, wire transfers, nimbly evade central banks and capital controls, is currency agnostic, and 100% anonymous!

How do the birds do it? Man’s oldest tradition, open plain falconry plus one of the newest: block chain legers, salted and hashed with retinal signatures from individual birds. Trace transactions, verify proof of work, but, without the birds, never too far along the flock-chain.

We are on the cutting edge of the next innovation in crypto-currency technology: fully traceable, decentralized, scattered around the globe, verifiable through proof of work, yet, without finding the individual, non-frangible raptorken, still completely anonymous and untraceable!

With the rise of crypto, mining rig hardware exploded in value, finding 1000%+ increases on secondary markets for what was once just an ordinary GPU, a toy. Similar increases are inevitable in flock-chain “hardware,” the underlying birds-of-proof, trained Arabian hunting falcons.

Facts: if each initial falCoin investor bought one trained Arabian hunting falcon, a root node on the flockchain, bird prices go up, way up. Add speculators, and there simply aren’t enough birds to go around. Massively profitable for current falconholders, bad for the flockchain.

Enter: The Synthetic Falcon. Falcon-Backed Securities are falcon-tethered, and balanced to meet a AAA rating. This allows speculators, falconers, and flockchain to co-exist, and a limited number of physical birds to match nearly infinite demand. Banks accept these as collateral!

Already own a trained arabian hunting falcon? Collateralize it. Secure a loan financing another falcon. That falcon? Collateralize it too. There’s no end to the number of falcons you can buy. The bank bundles its interests into a Falcon Backed Security and sells it. EVERYONE WINS