“For millenia, man and falcon have maintained a relationship of trust and fidelity. We bring this heritage to your investments.”

Reach down. Grasp with the fingers of your hand, hard, into the soil. That is the fundament, the tangible, the finite. Reach your other to the sky, fingers splayed. That is the Infinite, the domain of falcons, dreams, ideals. It is your intangible quarry. You, falconer, are the conduit between the two.

Falcon and man have been partners for thousands of years. Trained Arabian hunting falcons are a tradition, falcon related derivative financial products like Falcon Backed Securities are the future.

Falcon Backed Securities consist of prime bird, subprime bird, and junk bird, all balanced to satisfy a AAA rating by the major agencies. The growth of trained arabian hunting falcons is steady, and banks readily accept them as loan collateral.

Large institutions can hedge risk in their falcon profile by investing in hundreds, even thousands of trained Arabian hunting falcons. Why shouldn’t the retail investor? Presenting the Securitized Falcon: AAA grade traunches. Thousands of birds. Peace of mind. Fly with falcons.

UAE Exotic Falconry & Finance, LLC is a registered broker of bird based securities.